Cloud Nine *Hybride*


Cloud Nine is a rare head-heavy hybrid strain that can be credited to the crossing of Critical + X JYD Haze (70% indica/30% sativa). Enthusiasts world over acclaim Cloud 9 for its psychedelic effects, which often render users fighting off bouts of dazedness. From the get go, you’ll experience an uplifting yet calming rush to the brain and an intense introspection that follows closely behind. As your mind gets foggy with visions and images it’s unlikely ever encountered before, your body will begin sinking into a deep state of couchlock caused by lingering physical relaxation.Unless you are a novice or excessively use it, Cloud 9 won’t leave you feeling drowsy due to its average THC level of 12-19%. This makes it a popular choice amongst patients dealing with chronic stress and pain, inflammation, sleeplessness and nausea. The delectable Cloud Nine buds have an amazingly dreamy flavor with a pleasant mix of sweet citrus and tangy earth. When these nugs are broken apart, they release the delightful aroma of sweet lemon pine and hazy earthiness that will fill your room with its fragrance. Each piece is covered in luscious dark olive green clouds-like strands which intertwine themselves around furry amber hairs giving you that thick layer of syrupy resin droplets on the surface.

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