Biscuits Mandarine *Sativa*



Step into an exotic world of flavor and vibrancy with Mandarin Cookies! This rare sativa dominant hybrid strain has a powerful blend of 70% sativa and 30% indica, crafted through crossing the classic Cookies X Mandarin Sunset strains. Every puff delivers a sharp citrus taste along with aromatic hints of nutty herbs on exhale, producing an almond cookie-esque sensation that will transport you to another plane! With this loud high comes immense satisfaction — so look no further for your next favorite smokeable treat! The sweet, earthy aroma of tangerines is present in the smoke from this strain with a slight sour and pungent undertone. The Mandarin Cookies effects come on with an almost frenzied rush; your mind will be filled with energy, euphoria and creative thoughts that quickly replace any negative emotions you may have had before smoking. You’ll feel energetic yet relaxed without feeling unfocused or overwhelmed by mental clarity.

Ce produit est actuellement en rupture d’inventaire et indisponible.

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