Insano Cake Strain


Insano Cake Strain, also known as Wedding Cake or simply Birthday Cake, is a cannabis variety recognized for its sweet vanilla scent and mild nutty flavor. This well-balanced hybrid combines the genes of the notorious GSC with Cherry Pie to give it a unique terpene and cannabinoid profile.

When you take out the Insano Cake from its box, it’s like getting a delectable birthday present. Its dense, round buds are a rich green and studded with purple hues, and they’re encrusted in a thick layer of trichomes that give them the appearance of being drenched in icing.

BInsano Cake’s THC ranges from 20 to 25%, making it a rather powerful strain that inexperienced users should be cautious with. Users claim that as long as you take the correct amount and don’t abuse it, you can avoid side effects like anxiety or dizziness. Its strong high has been described by reviewers as a relaxing condition for both body and mind, which frequently leads to some sort of laughter – so this one may be a good choice for attempting with friends when you want to spice up your social gatherings. Insano Cake, however, is believed to cause drowsiness, so its consumers recommend using it towards the end of your day once all of your important activities are completed.

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