Russian Cream Backwoods -Carton


The Backwoods brand is an American legacy. Produced in the 1970s, it became a prime representation of the Wild West and today, the Russian Cream Cigars from the Backwoods brand, is considered a cigar for smokers who enjoy quality and an affordable smoke. Infused in the aroma of Cream and 100% Natural Tobaccos, this premium cigar retains the exciting spirit of the old west.

To set the record straight, Backwoods Russian Cream Cigars are both unique and superior in flavor and quality! Indeed, these bad boys feature a Vodka & Coffee Liqueur flavor that’ll totally rock your tastebuds from the first pull.

Backwoods Russian Cream flavor is produced in limited quantities which is why they are so hard to get your hands on. They have a unique, vodka infused flavor and aroma which makes them some of the most unique cigars around. Backwoods Russian cream has an incredible creamy coffee and vodka flavor you can taste from your first inhale of this cigar.

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