Winter Berry Strain


The Winter Berry strain is a bit of a riddle. We’re sure it’s an indica-dominant hybrid. Cheese, Super Silver Haze, and Black Cherry Soda are three likely parents. The Winterberry strain’s potency has been widely recognized. But no one knows who bred or where the variety came from.

The Winter Berry strain’s high contains 18.8% THC and takes some time to display its effects. The first indications of a euphoric sensation might appear after perhaps a quarter of an hour. However, once it gets started, you can expect it to keep you happy and uplifted for several hours. Because they get a tingle down their spine as a result of this strain, some individuals claim that they become more social and chatty.

You may feel apprehensive when you first try Winter Berry. As the high begins to take effect, your muscles will tense up. The tension in your muscles quickly disappears. Soon, you’ll want to remain still for the rest of the high. In general, Winter Berry does not produce total sedation or couch-lock. However, if too much is consumed, this might occur.

The Winter Berry strain has a wonderful candy-like fragrance. When you crush the buds, you get a lovely blend of berries and cherries. The aroma only improves as you ignite the buds. Although it isn’t nearly as sweet as actual dessert, there is a sugary flavor at work. Users also described being greeted with the cherry and berry taste mentioned in the fragrance when smoking Winter Berry. There’s a chance of minor coughing if you smoke Winter Berry.

The sensation of pleasure experienced while consuming the Winter Berry strain is perceptible. As a result, people with anxiety or depression may benefit from it. The initial euphoria also helps to concentrate the mind. This might be excellent news for persons who have attention deficit issues. Because of its high THC content, you could possibly use it if you suffer from chronic pain. Patients with minor pains and aches said that this variety helped them. Finally, WinterBerry strain has been shown to increase hunger levels. In fact, it has been proven to produce the munchies, so prepare some snacks.

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