24K Gold – Hybrid


24K, affectionately known as “Kosher Tangie” or simply “24K Gold,” is a hybrid strain composed of 60% indica and 40% sativa genetics. This delightful blend was created by crossing the delectable Kosher Kush with the renowned Tangie strains. 24K Gold is the perfect name for this strain that boasts a top-of-the line flavor and phenomenal golden appearance. Its buds are peppered with bright neon green nugs accompanied by subtle purple undertones, enrobed in an impressive frosty coating of chunky milky gold trichomes intermixed with brilliant golden orange hairs. 24K Gold emits a delectable fragrance of bold sweet tangerines and sugary skunk, which translate to delicious flavors on your taste buds. And you won’t just enjoy its superb taste – its effects will keep drawing you back time after time!

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