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Toronto Cannabis Stores: the only place to shop non-medical cannabis online in Toronto

Toronto Cannabis Stores provides a wide selection of cannabis infused edibles, topical concentrates, oils and capsules – giving consumers the opportunity to select from indica, sativa or hybrid options with varying degrees of CBD and THC potency. They also offer pre-rolled joints as well as accessories for purchase. You also can find Gas Gang vape pens in our partners store.

Canada's Online Marijuana Dispensary

For first-time cannabis customers in Canada, look no further than DankBros Cannabis! We guarantee to deliver our exceptional weed products anywhere you are. From psychedelic mushrooms and powerful strains such as pink kush or hawaiian hammer to concentrated THC extracts like Hash and CBD; your palate will definitely be pleased by the unmistakable flavor of Lemon Kush strain and Kief we offer too. Start shopping with us now for an amazing experience with DankBros Cannabis!

Are you a resident in the greater Mississauga area? Then don’t hesitate – DankBros Cannabis is your go-to source for same-day marijuana delivery! Our collection of products keeps growing, with all your favorite strains and edibles like Euphoria Extraction Shatter Bars. With each purchase comes tracking codes so that you can stay up to date on when it will arrive at your residence. Unlock access to premium cannabis items and the best marijuana in Mississauga today!

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Online Dispensary Canada

If you’re in search of cannabis that’s top-notch and brought to your doorstep, look no further than DankBros Cannabis! We offer mail order marijuana as well as same-day cannabis delivery in Mississauga. At our online cannabis dispensary, we guarantee only the best quality cannabis by maintaining high standards for all suppliers. Have faith in us at DankBros Cannabis when it comes to buying weed with utmost convenience and ease!

When you buy weed online or take advantage of same-day cannabis delivery in Mississauga, all orders are securely packaged to guarantee maximum privacy. What’s more? Unlock the amazing every day promotions available in DankBros Mississauga and sign up today to receive weekly dispensary discounts!

Are you looking for the perfect cannabis products to be conveniently shipped directly to your GTA home? You’re in luck! Enjoy an impressive selection of Canadian-made items, from premium flowers and extracts, to delicious edibles and vape pens—all courtesy of DankBros weed dispensary. Don’t miss out on all that DankBros has in store for you!

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Why Choosing Us?

At DankBros, we are passionate about bringing our customers in Mississauga the best cannabis delivery service possible. Our same day weed delivery is second to none! Excellence and quality are paramount here – all of our buds and edibles come from trusted suppliers near you so rest assured that they will be top notch. Furthermore, by connecting customers directly with farmers through us, we discard expensive middlemen thus allowing us to reward those savings straight back to you–our much appreciated customer!

When seeking top-tier cannabis products for any special occasion or a night in, look no further than DankBros. With same day weed delivery throughout Mississauga and the surrounding areas, this is your one-stop shop for all of your marijuana needs!

DankBros is proud to lead the Canadian marijuana market and provide Medical Patients 19+ with a wide selection of flowers, strains, edibles and concentrates. Our same-day delivery service in Mississauga and Canada includes mail order services as well. With prices starting at $90 per ounce plus quads or specialized packages available; you will definitely find amazing products for your individual needs! Moreover we offer organically grown buds that are directly delivered from farmers to your doorstep.

Relationship With Customers

Customer connection is paramount to us at DankBros. We recognize that our members are the backbone of our business, and we truly appreciate their feedback. That’s why we’ve established a warm cannabis community where customers feel welcome and included – ultimately setting us apart from other companies in the industry and bringing us one-step closer to success.


At DankBros, we prioritize the quality of our products and commitment to consistency. Therefore, only premium cannabis plants from trustworthy growers are selected after comprehensive screenings. For transparency and dependability purposes, photos of newly restocked batches can be viewed by customers so that they get a satisfactory experience every time! This enables us to form relationships based on trustworthiness with all those who visit us.

We take great pride in being the most reliable mail-order cannabis provider and what better way to prove it than display our customers’ reviews and feedback? Take a look at all of our client testimonials on both our website and social media accounts – you can rest assured that we only provide top quality products. That’s why we’re trusted by so many!


Our esteemed delivery services veteran and operations manager have created an efficient yet cost-effective cannabis shipping system in Mississauga at DankBros. We use the same innovative fulfillment process as our competitors, with secure sealing of orders after payments are received within 24 hours. Conveniently, shipments are sent out again on the following business day; this guarantees impeccable service for every one of our customers each time!

Take advantage of Canada Post’s Xpresspost Service and receive your cannabis products, edibles, concentrates and extracts purchase in a speedy 2-3 business days. Even the most remote locations can enjoy quality marijuana from us with an estimated delivery time frame of 5 business days or less! From Montreal to Vancouver – let us bring weed right to your doorstep!


DankBros is celebrated for delivering Canada with the most exceptional cannabis products. What’s more, all of DankBros’s strains are nurtured under rigorous scientific standards – meaning excellent nutrition and pesticide-free goods! This meticulous approach results in an organically certified product that not only looks astonishing but tastes heavenly as well, burning smoothly every time you enjoy it.

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Waltz Afghan OG *Indica*


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Pink Tom Ford *Indica*


Mail Order Cannabis Online in Mississauga

Here at DankBros, we make it our top priority to offer our customers across Canada quick and reliable delivery of the highest quality cannabis products from trusted growers. We understand that convenience is key and have worked hard to provide same day weed delivery & mail order marijuana services for any type of edibles you may be searching for. Thanks to this commitment over the years, we’ve earned a great reputation among Medical as well as Recreational Cannabis users – allowing us to stand out amongst other providers!


  • Sign up with us now, and once we’ve verified your account, explore our store! With a plethora of products to choose from, you’ll find something perfect for you. Don’t miss out; join today and start to buy weed online right away!


  • Our selection of options, from resin to dried bud, is so grand that it could be considered intimidating! Regardless of the type you’re searching for, rest assured we will have something ideal for your needs.

Make Payment

  • Make your payments with (insert payment methods) or Cash for maximum convenience and get free local delivery at no added cost!

Track Your Delivery

  • Upgrade your cannabis experience by having same-day, local delivery of all the products you crave. Alternatively, if you’re in a rush, take advantage of our express shipping across Canada and monitor your order on its journey with our real-time tracking system!

Best Marijuana In Mississauga: Quick Guide To Cannabis Strains at DankBros

Smoking flower is a timeless cannabis consumption method, and its popularity is easy to comprehend. Not only does the effect set in immediately but smoking cannabis can be an incredible experience when shared with friends; there’s a strong sense of history associated with passing around a joint! Cannabis flower has been part of marijuana culture for centuries – why not partake in this ancient ceremony?

Embarking on the journey of cannabis exploration? When you select to smoke, vape, or ingest edibles – keep in mind that effects can commence within thirty minutes and may last for up to three hours depending on potency. If you’re looking for a specific strain from Dankbros when order cannabis online, let’s examine what these goods have in store!

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Sativa Weed Strains

Are you in search of a stimulating high and plenty of THC? Then Sativa is the perfect choice for you! If you’re looking to find an online cannabis dispensary that offers cannabis delivery in Mississauga or concentrates shipping options, our budtenders recommend choosing plants with a 10-20% range when it comes to their THC level. Whether you’re planning on partying into the night or coming up with innovative ideas – Sativa won’t ever let you down!

Indica Weed Strains

After a hard day’s work, Indica is the ideal solution to alleviate your aches and stress. Its naturally calming properties grant you prompt respite, making it perfect for winding down at night or getting some restful sleep. Loved by many in need of total relaxation, each puff of Indica provides incredible benefits!

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Hybrid Weed Strains

Indulge in a blissful night’s rest with the perfect hybrid mattress that offers unparalleled support and supreme comfort. Wave goodbye to those disheartening aches, pains, and sleepless nights – leaving them far behind you! No matter if you’re looking for something firmer or softer – there is an exclusively designed model waiting just for you. Relax knowing your sleep will be peaceful as you drift off into a deep slumber each night.

As you embark on your cannabis exploration, remember that experimentation is the key to finding what works best for you. We understand that this may be a daunting task for newcomers and are here to help guide on selecting the ideal flower strain suited for you. Everyone’s experience with cannabis varies significantly – from having no preference at all, or preferring certain strains in order to achieve desired effects. However one thing remains constant: make sure it reflects your personal preferences!

Is marijuana legal in Mississauga?

The Cannabis Act of 2018 has granted Canadians the freedom to use marijuana for both recreational and medicinal purposes. To stay educated on Mississauga’s laws regarding cannabis, be sure to check out your local government website where you can find all the necessary information required. It is important that you keep up-to-date with each Province or Territory’s regulations related to this drug as they may differ in certain areas.

If you’re considering using cannabis in Mississauga, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the laws and regulations that apply. Here are a few of them:

  • It is illegal to possess, utilize, or purchase recreational cannabis unless you are 19 years of age or older.
  • With cannabis, unwinding and enjoying the moment can be achievable no matter your location. Whether it’s in the comfort of home or a designated smoking room, this accessible plant puts you just moments away from relief and relaxation! And if you’re feeling adventurous – bring cannabis along for your next car ride too!
  • Smoking marijuana is forbidden in any space that can be considered public, including but not limited to enclosed indoor and outdoor areas, educational institutions when children are present, healthcare facilities such as hospitals or other medical clinics, government-owned properties like parks and roadsides; even vehicles on the move.
  • Under Canadian law, individuals are legally allowed to possess up to 30 grams of dried cannabis or products with equivalent weight. To put it more plainly, this allows 5 g of fresh buds per gram; 15 g edibles, 70 ml liquid product and 0.25g concentrate each gram permitted. Growing your own cannabis is also acceptable – an individual can grow a maximum of four plants on their residential property for personal use only.
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Cannabis Products To Buy at DankBros

When you think of marijuana, dried flowers may be the first thing that comes to mind; however, Mississauga cannabis delivery companies offer a vast array of other sought-after items too.

Mississauga residents, you can now put an end to your hunt for the ideal cannabis offering – with a number of delivery services readily available, convenience is at your fingertips! Whether you’re after marijuana-infused snacks, potent concentrates such as shatter and live resin, or CBD tinctures offering numerous health benefits without any of the smoke associated with cigarettes – we have every cannabis product that would make your experience truly unparalleled! Prepare to be amazed by our selection right from the comfort of home.

Weed Strains

With the diverse selection of Indica, Sativa and Hybrid buds available, you’re sure to find something that fits your taste – whether it be cost-effective or high-end selections. What’s more, if you purchase in bulk quantities at once there are great chances for substantial savings! Ultimately, cannabis flowers provide infinite options so whatever tickles your fancy; you’ll have lots of choices from which to select!

THC Cannabis Edibles

Are you seeking an alternate way to experience the remarkable effects of marijuana, but not interested in smoking? Cannabis edibles are your ideal option! These treats come in a variety of forms and flavors–cookies, pastries, chocolates and teas — making consumption effortless and pleasant. Everyone’s body is distinctive when it comes to consuming edible pot products; while some may feel mild sensations others will be engulfed by potent experiences based on dosage. Test out cannabis edibles today if you’re uncomfortable inhaling THC-infused smoke yet still keen to reap the benefits of marijuana!

Marijuana Extracts

As the use of marijuana becomes more accepted, one can enjoy a variety of methods to consume it. Cannabis extracts are among them and provide an incredibly potent form for users; hashish, oil, shatter, budder and terp sauce belong in this category. It takes less product than before yet offers very similar effects – though caution is advised since these products may have higher potency levels!

Weed Edibles

Edibles are cannabis-infused food products that can come in a variety of forms, including cakes and biscuits, sweets, chocolates, drinks or shakes. You have the option to either purchase pre-made edibles or craft your own by incorporating oils, butters, brownies cookies and ice creams – all with THC and CBD content! With DankBros, you have the opportunity to try something new or go classic with our selection of chocolate bars. No matter your preferences, we guarantee that you will find an item perfect for your taste–we offer a myriad of flavors and strengths! Indulge in our delicious fruit gummies today and join us on a journey into flavor heaven.

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Distillate Pens

Are you looking for a memorable and intense vaping experience? Then distillate pen cartridges are just what the doctor ordered! Distillates are cannabis extractions that have been distilled to an extremely concentrated solution, allowing users access to cannabinoids in their purest possible form. This remarkable product provides vapers with a one-of-a-kind and unparalleled experience unlike anything else available on the market today, so don’t miss out – start your journey towards ultimate satisfaction now!


Are you in the market for a hassle-free and quick way to enjoy cannabis flower products? Look no further than pre-rolls, what some may call joints but are simply known as “pre-roll” by industry professionals. Whether it’s from stores or even online with DankBros Mississauga, they remain one of the most sought after forms of consumption due to their dependable results every single time!

Weed delivery services offer immense convenience, giving you the opportunity to sit back and leisurely enjoy your favorite strain of cannabis.


The potential health benefits and lack of an intoxicated state makes Cannabidiol (CBD) a worldwide sensation. Mississauga marijuana dispensaries are now stacked with CBD products, from vapes to tinctures, oils, gummies, pills and more! Millions of people around the globe are turning towards this natural remedy for relief – it’s no wonder why it has become so popular!

Magic Mushrooms

Found around the planet, there are more than 180 unique species of psilocybin mushrooms which contain a psychoactive compound known as psilocybin. Once consumed, these ‘magic’ mushrooms transform into its active ingredient – psilocin – and it is this substance that induces powerful hallucinatory/psychedelic experiences. Not only that, two other compounds – baeocystin and norbaeocystin- are occasionally found in small quantities; yet how much of an impact these elements have on the effects remain uncertain. The delicate yet powerful liberty cap mushroom is the most commonly seen and well-distributed species throughout Europe. Other varieties can be found in their natural habitat, while Psilocybe cubensis is cultivated inside dwellings.

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If you are looking for a premier selection of THC and CBD vaping products, look no further than our Mississauga store. We provide the perfect vaporizers and accessories to meet your individual needs. Our cannabis vaporizers warm dried or liquid marijuana without burning it; this gentle process still retains the natural scent of the plant while being much softer on your respiratory system compared to smoking weed in its traditional form.

Looking for a superior cannabis vaping experience? Look no further! Our vapes are packed with full-bodied flavor and 100% cannabinoids, providing you a euphoric high within mere seconds. This hassle-free method is perfect for those who don’t want to bother with the tedious process of smoking marijuana – take just one or two draws and feel great in an instant!


Don’t let a lack of supplies and accessories keep you from going on your cannabis adventures – no matter if it’s plant material or electronic liquids. To guarantee that your experience is nothing short of exceptional, we’ve collected only the finest products and organized them into these categories:

  • Batteries
  • Lighters
  • Devices
  • Papers / Rolling Supplies
  • Grinders
  • Glassware
  • Trays
  • Dab Tools
  • Cleaning Solutions


Our Mississauga cannabis store is proud to provide Sativa, Indica and Hybrid strain tinctures with concentrated THC and CBD extractions. These liquid extracts are produced using either alcohol or vegetable glycerine as its base – giving it a longer shelf life compared to other marijuana products. If you want the most out of your marijuana purchase, don’t miss this incredible product!

Finding the right CBD oil to alleviate your discomfort requires some deliberation. If you don’t take into account all of these factors, you could end up spending money on a tincture that isn’t particularly useful for you. Therefore, do your homework and investigate products with high concentrations of CBD which can help soothe anxiety or THC-rich oils that may improve sleep quality, reduce muscle spasms and decrease inflammation.


Are you searching for a modern, innovative way to experience the advantages of Cannabis? Topicals are an optimal solution; Cannabinoid-based substances that can be used on your skin directly. Beneficial effects include soothing pain and calming inflammation. Dispensaries offer topicals in various forms such as lotions, oils, balms or salves – all equipped with therapeutic powers!

  • Topical Oils
  • Lotions
  • Transdermals
  • Bath Products
  • Lubricants

Topical products are a miracle cure for some of the most common skin ailments and conditions, from acne to eczema. They provide superior hydration to your deepest layers of skin – leaving you looking bright, healthy, and youthful! Not only do they improve physical appearance; topical treatments can also help fight depression symptoms naturally.