Whitby is a town in southern Ontario’s Durham Region. Located on the north shore of Lake Ontario, it borders Ajax to the west and Oshawa to the east.

There are approximately 92,000 people residing in Whitby. Many local residents are employed by corporations such as BMW Canada Inc., Sony of Canada, Lear Corporation, Enbridge, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Canada, and Woodbridge Foam, which are all based in Whitby.

The location of the town means that there is plenty to see and do, not only within Whitby itself, but also outside of the town. Still, it is not often visited by tourists, though it does have a lot of charm.

There are historic streets, nature, green spaces and cultural sites just waiting to be discovered.

You’ll always find plenty of things to do in Whitby as there are a whole host of attractions and events to keep you busy throughout the year! Whether you want to learn more about the town’s history at one of the many local museums, visit one of Whitby’s family friendly attractions or simply relax with a spot of shopping or a trip to the spa there is something to suit all ages and budgets in Whitby. When you’re looking for reliable Whitby Cannabis Delivery services, just contact Dank Bros today!

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Things to do in Whitby

Whitby Abbey

A gorgeously spectral 13th-century ruin that looms over Whitby from its spot high above the town on the East Cliff.

Bram Stoker was so taken by the Gothic pile it inspired him to write ‘Dracula’ and, more recently, it’s previously been named Britain’s Most Romantic Ruin. 

Whitby Heritage Jet Centre

Jet is a gemstone made from fossilised wood, and Whitby Jet is unique due to the intensity of its blackness. Through a crooked doorway off cobbled Church Street you’ll find this little shop specialising in the stuff.

There’s a handful of lovely jet shops scattered around the town, but here you’ll find the last remaining example of a Victorian Jet Workshop. Ask one of the friendly jewellers to show you around.

Whitby Harbour West Lighthouse

Just when you thought Whitby couldn’t offer any more stairs, there’s another 81 to climb up: the tiny, spiral staircase in this gorgeous lighthouse. It’s one of two at the harbour entrance, but the tower on the West Pier is the taller of the duo.

In the lamp room you can get another great aerial perspective of the town and watch the boats coming in and out of the harbour. Visit when it’s stormy to really see the difference between the churning sea waves and placid harbour waters.