Honey Bourbon Backwoods Cigars – 5 Pack


Backwoods Dark Stout Cigars are a cigarillo-style of cigar wrapped with an all-natural Connecticut Broadleaf. This blend features a Homogenized Tobacco Leaf wrapper and Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed fillers. The Dark Stouts Cigars is designed with a tapered body, unfinished head and frayed ends. A backwoods cigar is 27 ring gauge and measures approximately 4 inches in length.
Backwoods Honey Bourbon is fast and well smoking cigar. Honey Bourbon combines the delicious flavors of sweet, golden honey with rich smooth Kentucky Bourbon to create a uniquely satisfying smoking break.
Dark Stout has a super calming effect that fills you with a sense of pure ease and happiness in both mind and body, lasting for hours and hours on end. The high starts with a lifted cerebral effect that fills you with pure euphoria and bliss, easing away any negative or racing thoughts with ease. As your mind lifts, your body will begin to settle into a slightly couch-locked state that leaves you totally relaxed and at ease with the world around you. The comedown is often sleepy, leaving you dozing off and on . before you finally pass out into a long and peaceful sleep. Backwoods Dark Stout Cigar have 22-23% average THC level.

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